Machine learning is about designing algorithms that extract valuable information from data; new insights and understanding become accessible to us, and with that knowledge we can create and co-create with greater mastery and support decision-making processes.
Fundamentally, machine learning is about taking data and using it to train and deliver predictive models that support ML-powered applications.
Azure Machine Learning is a platform for operating machine learning workloads in the cloud.
Azure Machine Learning enables you to manage:
  • Data storage and connectivity to ingest data from a wide range sources.
  • Scalable on-demand compute for machine learning workloads.
  • Machine learning workflow orchestration to automate model training, deployment, and management processes.
  • Model registration and management, so you can track multiple versions of models and the data on which they were trained.
  • Metrics and monitoring for training experiments, datasets, and published services.
  • Model deployment for real-time and batch inferencing.


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